Learn how to become your own personal trainer from a certified personal trainer.

Design Your Own Program to Build Your Ideal Body

Program Design is a major key to reaching your goals. Learn how to program for yourself with proper exercise selection. Learn how to prioritize exercises, why you should do it, how to do it safely with form technique, how many reps, sets, and rest time. Learn how to use progressive overload to make weekly progress. Use your performance as Instant Gratification to motivate you to keep going. You may not see immediate changes in your physique the first couple of weeks, but you'll DEFINITELY see immediate changes in your performance on a weekly basis.

A program will also keep you disciplined and following a blueprint. Discipline > Motivation

Build Your Muscles, Tendons, and Joints for Longevity

It's the small things we take for granted. Being able to walk, stand, and bend with no pain or assistance is an ultimate blessing. If we're not taking the initiative to ensure a pain free, assistance free physical future, then our muscles would weaken, bones will deteriorate, we will be injury prone in our later years, and we will be in chronic pain due to inactive muscles and joints.

Strength training, which is a form of physical literacy is one of the best ways to building physical longevity. It's a skill to use for the rest of your life and the next generations to come. With schools moving in the remote learning/home school direction, teach your kids how to move safely and efficiently to build their physical future at a young age.

Investing in a personal trainer is a great choice. They provide accountability, make sure you're safe during training sessions, create specific goals, and push you beyond your limits. If you're a complete beginner, then getting a trainer would be optimal, but here's the catch.

Personal training can be expensive. They can be anywhere upward of $400 a month or around $5,000 a year. You also would have to find a trainer that best compliments your personality. You may need the drill sergeant, or informative trainer, or the hype energy trainer. So it'll be a series of trial and error until you find the ideal trainer.

Becoming a personal trainer cost thousands of dollars and you have to go through extensive studying and research and THEN pass your exam to become a certified trainer. In this course, you'll acquire general knowledge of a personal trainer without the certification and extensive research. Everything simplified to the point that an 8 or 80 year old could do it.


What's going on yall, GAINZZZ FITNESS here. Well my name is Hassan Rose, but you can call me Haas or GAINZZZ. I became a certified personal trainer in 2016. I currently have 4 certifications, working on my fifth. I've coached for amateur bodybuilders and amateur powerlifters. I'm an athlete myself. Ive competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting and placed 1st several times. I've been strength training since the age of 14. I have a passion for movement, body mechanics, and nutrition, but teaching these things are the real kicker for me. Over my years of training, I've come across small and moderate injuries. During these times, I learned to rehab myself by continuing my education about the body, how it works and applying the knowledge. Not only am I a coach, I've had coaches to help me in my physical endeavors. Throughout my years as a personal trainer, I've trained people from many walks of life: young, elderly, athletes, general gym goer, people with pre existing injuries, people post operation, group training, and the list goes on. Working with my prior clients made me well versed with rehab and corrective exercises. Being physically literate and teaching the importance to it is my ultimate passion, and can't picture a life without it.